JobsEQ FIT Certification

Yes, JobsEQ is designed to be simple and intuitive. It is also very powerful and contains a wealth of features and data. To get the most out of JobsEQ, you may need to get in shape! Get fit with the JobsEQ FIT Certification!

After completing the JobsEQ FIT Certification Program, you will become a stronger user of the JobsEQ platform and its data sets. You will gain the lifting ability needed to help your organization meet its current goals as well as become more flexible to be able to explore uses for future business objectives.

The cert program is designed for all levels of JobsEQ users—from new users logging in for the first time to avid and experienced users who have been pumping the JobsEQ iron for over a decade. For new users, the cert program provides an opportunity to conveniently step into comprehensive training at one’s own pace. For experienced users, the program provides an opportunity to become more adept using all that JobsEQ has to offer, including underpinning data sets and real-world applications.

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be “JobsEQ Certified.” You will have bolstered your own resume as well as added value to your organization.

You can take the certification program with one of Chmura’s Personal Trainers at our User Conference this November. But no need to wait till then, you can complete the program anytime in our eLearning environment.

We’d love to help you get FIT today! Contact us to learn more!

Get JobsEQ FIT Certified Today

No time like the present to hit the gym!