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The labor market data you need, however you need it.

Do you really need JobsEQ data on wages, industries, and occupations…

…but wish you could integrate JobsEQ directly with all your other data? Or maybe you want to help people find jobs by displaying JobsEQ job postings data directly on your site.

We have a solution: get a JobsEQ API or data export.



What It Is

We offer JobsEQ data in whatever format works for you: bulk data, a file export, or an API that integrates JobsEQ data into your external website or internal research tool. Integrating JobsEQ data will save you time, enhance your data visualizations, and ultimately lead to better decisions that help your community.

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How it Works

  1. Call. Schedule a call so we can figure out what you need.
  2. Implement. The Chmura team works with your engineers to help you set up the API or file export.
  3. Support. We make sure you are 100% satisfied with your bulk data, file export, or API. And we won't go away--the Chmura team is always ready to answer your questions, even after implementation.
  4. Win. All your data and metrics are finally in one place. And you can make better decisions.

Types of Data


Integrate JobsEQ data directly on your website or on your internal research tool. Can help your workforce find jobs directly from your site. Our most popular data solution. Download Customer Success Story.


Receive raw data that easily integrates with internal data and models.


Access datasets from JobsEQ, LaborEQ, FedSpendTop, and more.




Our Clients Win


"Since we added a job postings API, we've had nearly 13,000 job seekers from around the world using our site to find work. They love the simple interface and the links to original job ads!"

Robin DiSalvo
Market Research Analyst
Tampa Bay EDC

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