Labor Market Data

Using our proprietary technology platform JobsEQ®, we’re able to create curated data sets of regional labor markets by zip code, county, MSA, or state. Used to develop hiring strategies or to help facilitate site selection decisions, these data can also be used to investigate the impact that changes in industry, technology or economic forecasts might make on a region’s labor market. 

A Sampling of Labor Data Options


  • Employment by place of work
  • Employment by place of residence
  • Unemployment by place of residence
  • Current and projections out to 10 years
  • Detail to 6-digit SOC
  • Geography: County, MSA, zip code, state, as well as user-defined custom regions


  • Wages (mean, median, percentiles, entry level and experienced)
  • Age distribution, employment growth and replacement rates
  • Geography: County, MSA, state, zip code, and custom regions


  • By gender and single-year age
  • Projections out to 2030
  • Geography: County, MSA, state


  • Employment, wages, and average wages per worker
  • Detail to 6-digit NAICS
  • By ownership (federal, state, & local governments; private sector; proprietors)
  • Current, historical, and ten-year employment projections
  • Geography: County, zip code, state, MSA, and custom regions


  • Certifications by 8-digit SOC and by employer
  • In-demand occupations by 8-digit SOC
  • Job posting volume by employer
  • Job title mapping to SOC codes

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