A proprietary web-based platform that engages participants in virtual focus groups, InsidersEQ allows you to capture individual responses and reactions as statistics for analysis. Primary data collection from individuals or focus groups, to be inclusive and effective, must be designed to optimize the time investment from participants. It also requires a capacity for data gathering, management, and analysis on the back end to provide actionable insights. One Chmura client required input from 12 groups across the state of Virginia in a timeframe that simply did not allow scheduling discreet focus group sessions. Chmura was able to use InsidersEQ to gather responses virtually, allowing the client to obtain the primary data in a vastly compressed timeframe.


Wider Participant Pool

Convenient 24x7 online access widens the available pool of participants.

Increased Response Rate

Desktop technology solution that increases engagement and optimizes the response rate.

Real-Time Analysis

Robust response data collection and management on the back end to produce timely analytics.

What can InsidersEQ do for you?

Test your creative messaging or gather primary data from stakeholders or focus groups for analysis and strategic planning in a compressed time frame.