Alumni Forensics

Positive student outcomes are key performance indicators for colleges and universities. With Chmura’s database of resume metrics, we can help you track and understand these critical indicators.
With Alumni Forensics reports, you will see where geographically your students have dispersed. You will see which occupations your graduates have moved into and parse these results by field of study. Average wage data are included so you can measure the earnings potential by program.
With Alumni Forensics you will also see the top employers for your graduates to aid your business engagement efforts. If many of your graduates further their studies at other institutions, you’ll view analysis of the top continuing education institutions for your school.
Chmura has provided consulting services based upon traditional and real-time labor market data for hundreds of clients across the nation. We’d be delighted to talk with you to learn of your unique requirements and to support you as you achieve your goals.

What can Chmura do for you?

We can help you solve business challenges or uncover opportunities, mitigate risks or facilitate growth, with our data-driven products, tools and expertise.