Published federal data sets can be tedious and confusing to navigate and specific awards data are problematic when compared to one another at face value. FedSpendTOP is a user-friendly description of federal contracts by time and place of performance that is used by communities to evaluate the impact of changes in defense spending. A community’s economy can be dramatically disrupted if an established relationship is significantly pulled back or severed.

Chmura aggregates the massive data set of published federal awards, adjusts the value of the award by contract length to more accurately depict the value of work performed across multiple fiscal years and captures the effects of subcontract work being performed in places different from the prime awards. Then we use proprietary algorithms to clean the data and adjust the minutia of the individual awards to create a report of detailed spending data at the local level. The data can also be used by workforce professionals to analyze and prepare for impacts of spending changes at the occupational level.

Our Work

Economic Impact of DoD Contract Awards

We create detailed tables of spending by industries, estimated risks for DoD-dependent occupations, and current and projected spending by product and service category (PSCs), for current and projected economic impacts of DoD contract spending in states, counties, and MSAs.

Supply-Chain Mapping of DoD Contract Awards

We adjust prime and subcontractor award data for place of performance and time of performance to illustrate the connections between prime contractors and subcontractors and the flow of contract spending within and between states at the county level.

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