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JobsEQ®: New Feature Round-up

New Module: International Data

Finding labor and demographic data from outside the United States to complement domestic sources can pose several challenges, especially when working on projects that have an international scope and tight deadlines. First, there’s the challenge of knowing the issuing authority and understanding how to find the correct data sources. This is followed by the question of understanding the data structure and methodology by which they were collected. Lastly, there is a question of comprehension and translation of the data from the language in which they were issued.

JobsEQ’s new International Data module mitigates these challenges by providing a single interface to search, discover, and download international data. A curated list of data sets, from multiple sources, is available to be downloaded in comma-separated values (CSV) format.


Figure 1- Finding Mexican Occupation employment data


Contact your Account Manager for details and access.



RTI Keyword Search

Clients who subscribe to our Real-Time Intelligence (RTI) jobs posting data module will be excited to learn about a powerful new method for searching and filtering our daily snapshot of the hiring landscape across the country.

RTI now supports full-text search. Users will see the inclusion of a new “Keyword” parameter beneath the standard filter tools in RTI. This input field enables keyword searches on the entire body of all job postings covered by the specified region, time frame, and associated filters. This new feature brings tremendous flexibility to job posting searches. The example below shows an RTI query highlighting employers who released healthcare-related jobs postings that specifically include a reference to the keyword “dialysis.”


Figure 2 - Keyword search in RTI for job posts including the term “dialysis”


A further example, below, highlights the ability to use a negation (-) operator to exclude items from the search. In this case we’re looking for job postings for database administrators that removes any that specifically include the keyword “oracle” to avoid results that require a specialization in Oracle Database.


Figure 3 - Keyword search in RTI for job posts excluding the term “oracle”



Data Explorer: Distance Education Breakout

JobsEQ’s powerful data analysis tool, Data Explorer, has long been used by clients to view completion and enrollment data for educational establishments across regions – even down to the level of individual schools. The latest round of updates to JobsEQ includes the capability to break out award completions by programs that include a distance education component, and those that do not.


Figure 4 - Distance education breakouts in Data Explorer



Job & Talent Locator

Recently expanded and made available to all JobsEQ clients, the Job & Talent Locator analytic is a great way to quickly compare the number of people employed in an occupation over several regions in a single click. Clients have access to data for any metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs) that intersects with their default, licensed region and can sort by a variety of indicator fields. These fields include the number of employees; average wages; location quotient; median house value; and, importantly, online job postings local to each MSA.


Figure 5 - Comparing summary occupation employment data for Landscape Architects

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